Monday, 16 March 2015


Hello :)
So if you don't know... I make YouTube videos!
I've only been posting for a few months but I really enjoy it. I started out posting mostly me talking about my dreams but I've done a few other things now too.

I find dreams really interesting, they're like a cool alternate world that changes constantly.
I also like analyzing them -  why did that happen? Why did that appear?
They're often influenced by what happened the day before, even down to the little things. Say you had no ice left in the freezer; that could translate as mundane as it is, in fact so normal you get confused later on whether it was a dream or not. Or it could turn....strange. Maybe you're hiking in the mountains on a mission to collect giant ice slabs and in the process a yeti starts chasing you. Weird.

Annoyingly lately I've had great dreams but not recorded them... this is because the dreams have been so interesting that I've slept in longer to experience more & then when I do get out of bed I'm running late for whatever I need to do that day and therefore almost immediately forget what I just dreamed :(

I wish dreams didn't disappear so quickly. It's so hard to remember a translatable section of a dream.
Usually I can only remember random images or many even just the vibe of it.

I don't know if other people find my dreams interesting, or the videos entertaining at all but I'm going to keep posting them anyway when I can. I enjoy it and that's what matters :)

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

100 Self-Portraits

So I have this mini project going atm. 100 Self-portraits (as you can tell from the title...).

This project was inspired by Nibbles, a great YouTuber I've recently-ish found. Here is her channel & website. And here's her video on the project.
I think her photographs are stunning, and all so different and creative too.

I thought this project would be a great way to keep up my photography & also challenge me a bit.
I haven't felt overly creative lately but I have made the effort to at least try and take some photos although I'll admit it's been a while since I've taken anything. I'm not ecstatic about most of my photos so far but I thought I'd show you a couple I am happy with.

You can find the rest on my Pinterest page here.
Hope you have a lovely day (:

Saturday, 9 August 2014


Hello!  So my hair is now rainbow...
Did you dye your hair yourself? - No! I usually do but this time it was professionally done.
How long did it take to do your hair? - Hours...and hours...
Why did you do that? - I was payed as a hair model for a show. I didn't have control of it :)
With that out the way I will now go into more detail! So, I got selected to be a hair model for a show called 'Cool Britannia' by Fudge. I spent a Saturday in a hair salon getting my hair bleached as light as possible. Then on Monday spent the day getting my hair coloured by Tracy Hayes (Fudge Global head of technical training), and in the evening for the actual show I got my hair cut on stage by John Vial (Fudge Creative Director).
It was great seeing all the fantastic hair styles for the show, I'm just waiting for them to post photos of the event somewhere. They did some seriously great stuff.
At first I thought I wouldn't like the yellow next to my face and even after they did it I was a bit unsure. I've gotten used to it though and I think it does work, but only with all the other glorious colours involved too!
Hair dye: Paint Box by Fudge
Headphones: *gifted*
Tetris leggings: Black Milk
Top: Romwe
Jacket: Ebay or AliExpress
Shoes: *can't find anymore* :(
Photographer: Sir Martin the Boyfriend

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Darling Paddy's

So Martin and I got up and made a (slow) decision to walk around somewhere random in the city. Ended up in Darling Harbor, making a trip to the British candy store as well as the Fudge Shop (which has the best fudge ever. Just sayin'...). Then made our way to Paddy's Market & looked around, to finally then walk around china town while I challenged Martin to take some photos...
Flower crown: OU
Hair dye: Manic Panic (Atomic Turquoise)
Dress: Glue
Shoes & necklace: Sports Girl
Chokers: Lilac Edge
Also here is the random guy that stalked me all day...
(Got him the skull tee from UO ;)

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Professional Photos

So here are the three final photos I chose and got from the shoot earlier this year.

I'm ridiculously happy with them. And I hope this doesn't sound vain but I enjoyed the shoot so much that I'm considering doing some more alternative modeling. I've signed up to Star Now and have already got a response from a few companies and am currently waiting to see if I've got a hair modeling gig.
I got these photos done at The Photo Studio. I discovered this place due to a popup stall they had at the Tattoo & Body Art Expo where they were offering a free photo (this is that photo).
Outfit 1 -  Studded jacket & UK flag top from ROMWE
Outfit 2 - Flowers: UO. Sunnies: JayJays. Bodysuit: Phix 
Outfit 3 - All garments from ROMWE
HAIR -  Manic Panic: Atomic Turquoise

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Back in April I had an amazing first time experience of a fashion shoot! I've never modeled before in my life, not even done one of those cheesy family shoots, nothing. I've never even considered modeling, I ruled myself out of that as soon as it was clear I was never going to be tall.

It was such a fun experience and I had a great stylist and photographer. My stylist Pernilla was fantastic and made me look like a new person. She was so shocked when I said I'd never done this before, and shocked again when I said I'd never used a hair straighter & curler.
I love that she put great outfits together out of the clothes and items I'd brought, that I'd never thought about pairing before. Here are the 4 outfits:

I had so much fun. And it felt amazing to be complimented by people who spend every day with stunning models!
I'll post the 3 final photos I got from the shoot soon :)